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Marble Polishing

Marble is generally a softer stone and comes in many colors with different and beautiful veining. Some marble stones are harder than others. Yet, regardless of its texture and character, marble will scratch, and lose its shine and luster if not maintained properly.

The following services provided:

  • Diamond Grinding

  • Polishing

  • Sealing

  • Crystallizing

  • Holes Filled

If you have a marble floor and it has lost It’s shine and beauty, it is probably time to call O.M. Restoration. We can restore your stone back to it’s original condition!

At O.M. Restoration, we utilize only the finest diamond abrasives, honing & polishing powders, cleaners and sealers. We polish to your preference, whether it is a high gloss, semi-gloss or a luster finish you prefer. Not only do we perform these services, we will also instruct you on the proper care you should use in cleaning your marble.

  • Marble Restoration – We provide expert craftsmanship to achieve marble’s natural elegance. Polished and sealed.

  • Diamond System – Utilizing state of the art diamond abrasive pads and honing powders removes existing scratches and marks from the stone’s surface.

  • Polishing – Produces a brilliant highly reflective shine, gloss and luster finish to the stone’s surface.

  • Sealing – Penetrating sealers form a clear barrier resistant to water, dirt, oils, and grease.

  • Crystallization – For high gloss finish we are using progressively higher grit of industrial diamond discs for removing scratches from the previous disc and then we are using buffing or crystallization procedure for creating desired gloss.

Crystallization Features:

  1. In the process of stone crystallization, heat of friction is helping to give to the stone surface more shining.

  2. Crystallization process will never make a build up on surfaces, like waxing.

  3. Crystallization also helps to create a slip-resistant surface.

  4. Crystallization is result of the chemical reaction on the surface of the stone.

  5. The crystallization process provides a high gloss finish on the marble surface.

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Marble Polishing

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