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Terrazzo Polishing


Terrazo floors where first invented in Italy. These floors were originally made with a mixture of quartz, granite, marble, glass and cement. Today though these floors are mixed with either concrete or epoxy resin. These floors contain topical sealers to give it a beautiful finish. This means floors needed to be maintained by  stripping and applying a new finish.

Proper maintenance of these floors by a reputable company that specializes in Terrazo floor cleaning service is needed. If not properly taken care of the floors can amber, or darken. Over the years some got tired of maintaining the floor would prefer to covered them rather than maintain them. Anytime someone buys a residential or commercial property that has Terrazzo floors that have been covered, it is like a treasure they found. They will ask me the question, “Why would anyone ever cover this floor?”

Today people recognize the beauty of terrazzo. With proper care from O.M. Restoration and under normal use a diamond Polished Terrazzo floors will never need professionally cleaned.

See our before and after pictures below to see our work.

Serving Broward, Miami Dade & Palm Beach Counties

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No Matter What Marble You Have. We Can Make It Shine.

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